Monday, September 23, 2013

Sewing To Do List Updates!

The quilts are pinned!
This is the decade old UFO mystery quilt that I finally finished.

And this is my "look at the unfinished for a decade quilt top that I finally finished and pinned together for quilting" face
This is the embroidered quilt with border.

Close up of the embroidered quilt.
1. Lolita - Done and passed off. I'm hoping to do a little more for her, but that'll have to wait til all the Pandoracon prep is finished.
2. Jacket -  This has been worked on, next step is to fixed the sleeves, get them attached, then do the ruffle and the lining.

My Pandoracon prep:
1. Natural form petticoat is basically done. It still needs a waistband and a little reinforcement.

Lace trim on the first train ruffle.
Putting ruffles on the train.
Finished train.
Almost finished petticoat.

2. Black skirt is cut out and put together, but I haven't started the ruffles yet.
3. Black bolero is also cut out, but I haven't started working on it yet. It'll need lining, I'm thinking gold satin.
4. And I started work on the green overskirt. It's cut out, has fringe and I've started sewing on the gold bias.

In progress green overskirt.
 "Real" Clothes Sewing:
1. The vintage pattern jumper is put together and has a zipper. I need to figure out how to do the neck and arms. I'm either going to do bias tape flipped to the inside (which I'll probably have to buy) or bias trim cut from the fabric, I just worry that would be too heavy since it's corduroy.
2. I cut out the purple corduroy skirt, I went with a full skirt from a Vogue dress pattern.
3. I also cut out the cream pencil skirt. The fabric's a little tight, because I really didn't have enough for the pattern so we'll see how it goes together. Since the fabric stretches, I'm hoping its okay. I don't have enough lining either, so that may end up cut shorter than the skirt. The lining isn't a stretch fabric though...Hmmm maybe it just won't be lined.
4. I didn't cut out the navy corduroy skirt, because I knew I'd have the same issue that I had with the cream - not enough fabric. And since it didn't stretch like the cream corduroy, I decided to use a different skirt pattern. Fingers crossed I have enough for said pattern.

Once all that's done, I need to start Christmas sewing...
1. Mom's new scrub top is cut out
2. And I get to make a bunch of pj pants -- my brother, my nephew and I think my cousin's two boys.

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