Monday, September 23, 2013

Miss Wilde at Wizard World Ohio Comic Con

FRIDAY - dark jeans (which you can't see), black tank and turquoise corset vest that is my new obsession. Also pictured: Prof. Torrey Tesla looking dapper as always and TerAnn. Picture by Brian Kollig.
SATURDAY MORNING: black lace blouse, black skirt with a petticoat, black hat trimmed in pink, pink corset (I was laced in by a Mando!), pink tights and ballet flats. Picture by Sally Van Eycke.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON: I broke out the steampunk Harley Quinn (aka Diamonds are Forever) with the new wig. Isn't it amazing?! TerAnn wore her steampunk Ivy costume. Here we're with another Ivy and her Spiderman slave. I loved their costumes, thought it was a super cute idea. Picture by Sally Van Eycke.

Ivy and Harley (TerAnn and myself) meeting Jim Henson and playing with his Kermit puppet. I really love Kermit, btw. Best. Muppet. Ever. Picture by Corielle.

And then...I met Sheamus from the WWE. *swoons* Picture by his security guard.
Besides the costume fun, I also got to hang out with friends, make new friends, randomly run into someone I knew years ago back home and so forth. Our table was REALLY popular, we had a lot of interest and hopefully recruited a lot of new people for the Airship.

And that was MY weekend!

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