Friday, August 23, 2013

To Do List - Deadline Mid October

Since convention season is starting, and the weather will be turning cold soon, here's my current to do list:

White eyelet lined and trimmed in lilac cotton 60s shift - I screwed up the hem, just need to redo it and this is done.

By September 8th, I want to have the embroidered quilt ready for pinning and maybe another quilt ready as well. The second quilt is a 10 year old UFO that I'm trying to get finished. I'm really tempted just to back it with flannel and tie quilt it so its a pretty lightweight quilt.

Lolita commission. Deadline is mid October for Teslacon.

Jacket commission I started months ago for a friend. Deadline is mid October for Pandoracon

Finish my green and gold outfit - Natural Form, steampunk style. I need to make a natural form-esque petticoat and underskirt, both with ruffles, and also a long green overskirt trimmed in fringe. Deadline - Pandoracon

Purple corduroy skirt - I'd like to get this finished sooner rather than later so I have it ready before the cold hit. If only I could decide what pattern to use...

Striped pencil skirt. Again, I want this done before the cold hits. I'm kinda excited about this, I plan to play with the stripes a little bit on a basic pencil skirt pattern.

I have some turquoise corduroy, I'm thinking either a skirt or a jumper if I have enough fabric. Before the cold comes.

If possible, a new mask for Diamonds are Forever.

Everything else is getting pushed back til after Pandoracon.

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