Thursday, November 1, 2012

Progress on my Year End To Do List

I have a standing dinner date w friends every Wednesday, but they cancelled on me yesterday. Which was actually okay, because it meant that I got to go home and do some chores (dishes, put plastic on my bedroom windows to winterize them) and I got a little sewing done.

What I did:
  1. Embroidered quilt - Worked on this while at work during the day :)
  2. Suicide Squad Harley Quinn - Pinned together the corset interlining so I can baste it together and start working on altering the pattern.
  3. Harley Quinn pajama pants - are cut out! I decided to go with a leggings pattern, since the ones she's wearing in the comic look more like leggings than baggy pajama pants. I did cut them a little larger than I would cut actual leggings though.
 I have the quilt and the corset with me, just in case I get some free time at work to embroider or baste.

What I didn't work on (and why):
  1. Keeper of the Keys corset - I need more boning, which I'll need to get from my father (using plastic strips that he gets on the papers)
  2. Leggings for Pepper - I need her measurements and she hasn't gotten them to me yet.
  3. Wings for my airship stewardess costume - Need to buy gears and glue.
  4. I'm also thinking of pulling out and painting a little airship ornament that I bought several of a few years ago. It would make a lovely key chain on the keys I carry...
  5. Suspenders for my femme Joker - Haven't looked to see if I have ribbon yet. Need to buy the suspender clips.
  6. New bodice for my black and silver steampunk - Everything else needs done first! 
What I'd like to do this weekend:
  1. Work on the quilt
  2. Work on altering the SSHQ corset pattern. Even better if I can start construction of the costume, cuz there's sooo much to do.
  3. Put together the Harley pajama pants, which shouldn't take long at all
  4. At least cut out Pepper's leggings (as long as I get  her measurements)
  5. Maybe buy the supplies I need so I can work on the other little things that need done
Timeline -- Ohayocon is eleven weeks from tomorrow, which I know sounds like a lot. Until you think about the fact that I need to make SS Harley from the ground up as well as make a new Victorian bodice, which will not be a quick project.

And I'm also fighting the urge to learn yet another skill -- I want to learn how to tat. Just what I need, another hobby. lol

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