Tuesday, November 13, 2012

More Progress! And adding to the to do list

Well, I've got a lot done since my last post...

First of all, I made a shopping list and went shopping for hopefully everything I need for the rest of the year. I got border and backing fabric for my quilt. Boning, quilting thread, quilting needles, a quilt hoop, black thread, batting for my quilt, some fabric to make pillowcases, yarn for a friend, lacing for the Harley corset, zippers for a few projects, gears, glue, fabric for the collar for the new Harley costume, elastic cord for bodice lacing... Okay I think that's it. And I actually have now added to my to do list so I'm going to need to go shopping again for a couple more things. Plus they didn't have the suspender clips I needed so I need to pick those up.

I worked on the embroidered quilt. Block #10 is almost done, which means I only have two more to embroider. I haven't started piecing it, but I did figure out how much fabric I needed for the border and backing.

I cut out the corset lining. And put it as well as the corset together. The corset is boned and the zipper been put in, next is another try on before I add in the bra cups and then put the lining in. Oh I also need to alter the front a little bit so it'll lace a little better. May need to re-do the front completely actually, so it looks more accurate.

The Harley pajama pants are DONE.

And not only did I start basting for the new bodice but I also put it together, put the lining together, put in the boning (including bias channels), decided what kind of collar to use, sewed the collar together, decided on trims, cut out and put together bias for said trim... Okay I think that's all so far :)

Oh! And I made the wings for my airship stewardess costume! Just used a little super glue to glue a couple gears onto my plastic Delta wings.

I still need to mail Pepper's leggings. As well as a costume that a friend bought from me.

Okay current status of to do list:

  1. Embroidered quilt is coming along nicely. I should have it ready by Christmas as planned. I hope.
  2.  Keeper of the Keys corset. Haven't worked on this. I have the zipper now, but I need more boning.
  3. Leggings for Pepper. DONE just need mailed
  4. Wings for my airship stewardess costume. DONE
  5.  Suspenders for my femme Joker. Haven't started because Joanns was out of what I needed
  6. Suicide Squad Harley Quinn - coming along nicely. The shorts are almost done. The corset is coming along well. I need to order my socks, figure out what I'm doing with my hair, and make the collar.
  7.  Harley Quinn pajama pants DONE
  8. New bodice for my black and silver steampunk. Also coming along nicely. I need to baste the lining and outside together, trim everything out in bias, decorate and put the collar on, figure out the buttons I want to do on the front...
New additions to the to do list: I joined a group called Soldiers Angels and am working on pillowcases and blankets for the troops. I have one quilt top put together already and two pillowcases pinned for sewing. I need to get batting and backing fabric and work on the quilt as well as get the pillowcases put together. I need some plain fabric for a pillowcase, because I have the perfect fabric to use as the cuff. 

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