Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Progress!

This weekend I:

  1. Worked on my embroidered quilt, not much but I did work on it.
  2. Not only cut out but put together the leggings for Pepper. Just need to get those in the mail!
  3. Worked on SS Harley. I altered the pattern Friday night after work and cut out the spandex. I only messed up one piece which was okay considering how often I was looking at a picture while doing it to make sure I cut the correct side out of the correct color. Saturday and Sunday I basted the spandex to my interlining as well as pieced the front section together before basting it (the front panel is two colors).
  4. They still need hemmed to prevent the inexpensive knit from running but I made the Harley Quinn pajama pants!
  5. And I cut out the outer fabric and interlining of my new black and silver bodice. 
Not bad for a weekend, eh?

This week, my second job has me working less hours than usual. Which originally pissed me off, but then I realized that I need a break from working 60 hour weeks plus less hours there means more hours to sew! 

This week's to do List:
  1. Work on the embroidered quilt. I'm actually tempted to start piecing it together so I can figure out how much fabric I need for the border and the backing...
  2. Mail Pepper's leggings.
  3. Cut out the Harley corset lining. I think I'm going to use left over red taffeta from Diamonds are Forever. And start putting the corset together. The sooner the corset's together the sooner I can start figuring out the engineering that I'm going to have to do...
  4. Hem the Harley pajama pants.
  5. Start basting the fabric and interlining for my new bodice.
  6. Make a shopping list for all the stuff I need from the fabric store.

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