Monday, November 19, 2012

Progress and What's In Miss Wilde's Sewing Basket: Thanksgiving Edition

  1. Embroidered quilt: Block #10 is DONE, started block #11. I'm still feeling on track for Christmas. This is definitely going home with me for Thanksgiving, so hopefully I'll get some work done then.
  2.  Keeper of the Keys corset will probably get worked on Thanksgiving or post Thanksgiving. My dad has more boning for me so once that's done I can start putting it all together.
  3. Suspenders for my femme Joker. Haven't started because Joanns was out of what I needed and I haven't gone back and bought the stuff yet.
  4. Suicide Squad Harley Quinn hasn't been worked on this week. I still need to - alter the front of the corset, line the corset, put in the bra cups and lacings, finish the shorts, make the collar, order what I need...
  5. New bodice for my black and silver steampunk is actually approaching completion. The collar is done and sewn on. The bottom edges have been trimmed in bias. I still need to - finish the armholes, finish the inside where the pleats are, finish the outside where the pleats are (decorating w a little left over trim), figure out what kind of lacing I'm doing in the front, decide if I'm trimming the front with ribbon or not, decide if I'm adding a ruffle to the back or not...
  6. Soldiers Angels pillowcases and blankets still need worked on. Honestly, I didn't make pillowcases this week because I didn't feel like changing out my thread in the machine. I did start on quilt top #2 though. 
  7. New Tour Wear leggings because I'm seeing the Rejects in less than three weeks in Maryland! Planning on buying some stretch velvet in green. It's a Christmas show, I want to look like an elf. lol
In my sewing bag for Thanksgiving: embroidered quilt, along w a ruler and marker to mark the block edges for stitching; Keeper of the Keys corset and that's probably it since I won't be home long. Oh maybe the leggings to at least cut them out. And maybe the pillowcases cuz those would be a quick and easy project while I'm home.

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