Monday, June 4, 2012

To Do List Update - Almost have a couple projects done!

Here's where I currently stand on my sewing:

The 1880s Paris outfit is almost done. I finished binding the edges, and decided on buttons with snaps behind them for the closures. Sleeve lining has been sewn in place and visible basting removed. I sewed five buttons to the front of the bodice and two to each cuff to hold the cuffs in place. By the way, the outfit kind of makes me feel like a pirate -- huge cuffs and tails. All it needs is the snaps.

The playsuit is also almost done. I put in the zipper and pinned the hem. So all I need to do is hem it and its done.

Went through my stash and found a couple things for shorts to wear around the house (some knit, leftover jumper fabric, and some black and white polka dots). Also pulled out fabric for the eyelet sundress bodice and bodice lining, found some black and white striped fabric that was passed on to my friend Pepper who needed it for a project, as well as the Halloween pinup fabric and nativity print fabric.

Eyelet dress plans: Eyelet collar on a lime green bodice with a gathered eyelet skirt. The eyelet collar and the bodice have been cut out but not the lining.

Sewing plans for this week: Finish the playsuit. Set aside the Paris bodice til I buy snaps. Work on the commission.

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