Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fabric Shopping Haul

Joanns is having a big sale this week (Firefly Frenzy, go shop!) so a friend and I went to get a few things.

Fabric wise, I picked up:
  • a really pretty teal printed calico remnant, which will likely become a corset
  • a black gauze remnant for some shorts
  • 1/4 yard of an orange sparkly fabric for the femme Joker tie
  • a little over a yard of a lime green printed cotton for the femme Joker blouse (I have some interesting plans for this item...)
  • one yard of a red knit for some shorts. I'm gonna double it cuz the fabric's rather sheer
  • half a yard of an awesome pink and black large houndstooth knit for a pair of shorts
  • three yards of a blue striped linen / rayon suiting that I'm going to dye purple for my femme Joker suit
  • a yard each of two different flannels to make a bunting for my nephew
Except for the flannels which were on sale for half off, and the remnants, all the other fabrics I purchased were from the red tag clearance and were half off their clearance price.

Non fabric wise, I got:
  • snaps for the Paris Steampunk bodice
  • a bunch of scrapbooking paper, some prints and some solids, all of which were on sale or on clearance (I'm tired of what I have for my AAR scrapbook and wanted new pretties to play with)
  • a purple sparkly pendant that was on clearance. I plan to wear it as a brooch w my femme Joker costume
  • two packages of I Dye in violet for the femme Joker, on clearance
  • three Simplicity patterns, the newest steampunk offering because I like the bustle it offers, a baby pattern so I can sew a bunting for my nephew, and a little sleep shorts pattern so I have something to wear around the house and maybe even outside this summer
  • orange buttons for the femme Joker blouse

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