Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What Is Miss Wilde Up To?

The answer is always 'No good!' lol

What I've been up to the last few days:

First of all, I'm still in a wrist brace so hand sewing is definitely not doable right now, so the commission and the Paris bodice haven't been worked on.

Green and white sundress - Coming along nicely. I cut out the lining and started putting together the dress -- put the bodice together then gathered and attached the eyelet skirt. The collar's put together but not attached. I can't do anything else til I get a zipper. And I'm going to have to make a crinoline. I have the netting, just need to get something for the base.

Fabrics were prewashed. I've made the pink and black knit shorts which are super cute and the red ones, which are a little small, probably because I had to double layer the thin knit. I don't have enough of the black and white polka dots or the pink stripe to make anything. I also cut out a pair of black gauze shorts, and the bunting. And the Halloween skirt, which is not going to be a circle skirt after all because of the pattern direction. So I'm using an OOP McCalls pattern from my stash as inspiration and making a gathered / pleated (haven't decided which yet) skirt out of it instead.

I haven't dyed the femme Joker suit fabric yet because a friend is planning to visit with something of his own to dye. So that's on hold til the dye party!

I'm thinking the pretty calico remnant I picked up is going to be a sundress bodice. Just need to get a coordinating solid for the skirt.

Things to buy - zipper for the green and white dress, fabric for the petticoat, fabric for sundress #2 skirt

On my table right now - the black gauze shorts, the bunting for my baby nephew and the Halloween skirt.

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