Monday, October 31, 2011

Quilting, Christmas and Halloween

Quilt: I redid the small section of black ties with red. Then I let out the top of the sheet I used as backing and repinned it, trimming off the excess. I also trimmed the excess from one side of the quilt so I could use that at the bottom for lengthening purposes. That is pinned and just needs sewn. I was going to trim the length of the quilt top but then realized that it would ruin the corners which are pillow squares.

So I need to sew the new section of backing to the bottom of the quilt, then I'm planning to baste around all the edges before binding. I haven't heard back from my friend about borrowing her strip cutter, so I may just go buy binding. I calculated that I'll need four packages which'll cost about $12. Making my own would be less than half that, but if that's not an option then its not an option.

As for Christmas, I still need to fix the back of my mother's wall hanging before I start the quilting on it. And then I need to find fabric for my father's curtains.

As for Halloween, I did end up making a quick little tutu for my own version of Harley Quinn. I purchased a spool of red tulle, sewed two lengths together, made a quick elastic casing, slid elastic in and then sewed the back seam. Quick and easy.

I think this is a pretty good (and true) version of Harley: it's not slutty and the blouse gives it a jester / clown feel. The mismatched thigh highs are a good touch. My only wish is that there was more red.

I'll probably be wearing this or something similar if we go out tonight as has been discussed.

A bientot!

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