Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mid Ohio Con 2011

I spent most of the weekend in my Imperial Officer's uniform representing the 501st Legion. Thankfully, I was allowed to wear my skirt. However the skirt is just a smidgen too short and shows one of my leg tattoos.

Photo by Matthew Wells. Even though I spent most of the weekend in this costume, I have very few pictures of it. Oh well.

I spent a few hours Saturday as steampunk Harley Quinn, hanging out with my friend Nin Ja (aka Jesse) who cosplays as Joker.

A solo shot of Steampunk Harley by my friend Corielle Riddell.

With Nin Ja (as steampunk Joker) from his camera, taken by a nice con attendee. (I asked her to take our picture by complimenting her Star Wars tshirt. lol)

Another with Nin Ja, taken by the same con attendee. I seriously love this photo by the way. I look just a touch devious, which I think is appropriate for such a Victorian Harley Quinn.

Sadly, you can't see my awesome stockings in any of these photos. They are the Harlequin and Heart Thigh Highs from Sock Dreams (best website EVER by the way). I could NOT resist mismatched red black and white thigh highs especially when harlequin diamonds were involved.

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  1. Love that first pic of you in Harley. That black lipstick makes the outfit for me!