Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Apology for the Lack of Posts

As mentioned in previous posts, I am moving from the Companion's Shuttle to my beau's quarters. As one can imagine, this is quite the undertaking and leaves me little free time. I plan to be moved by October 15, so hopefully I can start sewing once again after that.

Of course, after the moving comes the unpacking...and finding room for everything in his quarters...I'm supposed to have a sewing space set up in the lower level of his quarters but I don't know if that will be happening or not. Or more accurately, how soon that will be happening, because it will be set up that way eventually, but it may take time. In the meantime, I may just set up my machine in the spare room where all my clothes are going, IF there's space that is.

Current moving status: almost everything I own is in boxes at the Shuttle or in his quarters. All that's left is last minute items and furniture (most of which is small). Even though this has been a gradual moving process, I still abhor moving.

If I have time and space for sewing machine set up, I do have a couple projects separated out for me to work on.

Hopefully I'll be sewing again in a couple weeks!!

A bientot!

PS I have been working on my beau's quilt. The tie quilting is almost completed, then comes the binding! I contacted my friend and she said I was welcome to borrow her bias strip cutter, so that'll be a little easier.

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