Sunday, February 28, 2010

Time Traveler Entry #8 and an outfit to wear out tonight

Hand stitched the bias around the arm holes to finish them and put in the zipper. Cut some bias from dark purple brocade to use for ruffles on the bodice. Got them stitched together but didn't feel like ruffling them.

I took a piece of stiff netting that was about 3 yards long and maybe a couple feet wide, folded it in half, stitched a channel at the top, fed through elastic (using a large safety pin) then fit the elastic to my waist / hip area. Next I knotted the elastic and sewed the netting together. Pretty simple little tutu / petticoat. Might have to try that technique again sometime. Also made a pink satin skirt to wear underneath. Took about a yard of fabric, cut it in half, sewed the pieces together selvage to selvage, made a quick elastic casing at the top, threaded elastic through and knotted it.

EDIT - Here's a picture of the outfit I made to wear to Outland. I call it "gothic ballerina" -

The bodice I'm wearing is a corset I made years ago. It's reversible, the other side is pink linen that I dyed myself. And it laces up both sides with satin cording. I personally really liked how the peplum at the bottom just sat on top of the skirt.

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