Friday, February 12, 2010

Time Traveler Entry #3

Hello darlings,

Today I removed the ruffle from my jacket (it just was not working), cut it into 8 similarly sized pieces and turned those pieces into fabric flowers. The original idea was to put them on one or both sides of the front of the shrug but I pinned them there and didn't like it very much. Then I tried pinning them to the edge of the hood and again it failed to impress me. So the flowers went into my bag of supplies, I'm sure I'll use them somewhere else on the outfit. In fact I just had an idea - I could use them on the underskirt to emphasize some trim along the hem OR I could use them on the apron and or the bustle... As you can see, my mind never stops and the possibilities are endless. However I think I need at least 4 more so I'll have 12 flowers or I may just go for 24 flowers...

I also stitched together the five panels of the underskirt. It still needs the waistband and hemmed but at least I started it. I'm actually about to go stitch together the lining for the bodice so that I can see how the shape of the bodice will work under the jacket.

A bientot mes amis!

Miss Leah J. Wilde

PS If any of my readers would like to own one of my fabulous costumes (or something simple lol) I am always willing to sew for others! Just contact me!

EDIT: Photos added

The underskirt

The shrug worn over the bodice lining

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