Thursday, February 18, 2010

Time Traveler Entry #4

Hello my dears,

Yesterday I took apart most of the jacket. It was rather snug so I thought I'd change the seams from 5/8 to 3/8 to give me just a little more room. I still need to restitch the sleeves and put them back on the jacket, then check the fit. I'm contemplating making the sleeves shorter. I actually like it sleeveless but that really would not look right with my dress.

Speaking of the dress, I started cutting out the fabric yesterday. The bodice is cut out. Still have the apron and bustle to cut out. And then of course the lining and the interlining and then the sewing begins...

Oh and I searched through all of my fabric to see if I could find anything coordinating for trims. I found some green ribbon, lilac satin, and dark purple brocade. I found several pieces of pale pink that would work with the clock fabric but not with the underskirt or the jacket since they are bright pink. I already have white satin and white cotton in my project bag, along with white lace, pink ribbon and several other things.

I do think that everything is coming together rather nicely indeed.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J. Wilde


  1. Ok, so I've tried figuring out what interlining and facings really mean, and I'm still confused. Any tips?

  2. Like we discussed earlier today, an interlining is similar to interfacing. It's a layer that goes between the outer fabric and the lining to give support to the garment.

    Hmmm, how to describe a facing...It's a section of the garment that is turned to the inside to give structure and support to a certain portion of the item. They're usually used on necklines, waistbands or armholes as a way to finish the raw edge.