Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Intro and some photos

Hello my darlings,

My roommate - the dear Miss Melora Dashwood - suggested that I begin a sewing blog and I decided to take her up on her suggestion. So this is where I will describe my sewing adventures as the Airship Archon's steam-stress. Most of my sewing is steampunk costuming, but occasionally something else might appear. For now, here are a few pictures of past projects.

1880s bustled gown. The bodice, apron and bustle are out of black and silver plaid taffeta. The underskirt is out of leopard print flocked chiffon. There is also a bustle pillow and petticoat out of white poly cotton broadcloth. The bustle is edged w a narrow ruffle of the plaid. Lace was handstitched to the velvet ribbon down the center of the bodice front which was then handstitched onto the bodice and silver clock buttons were handsewn on. The neckline, bottom of the bodice and the bottom of the apron are trimmed in white lacey ribbon and handstitched black braiding. The sleeves are trimmed in black lace and more handstitched black braid. The seams of the underskirt are flat-felled and the hem was finished with black satin ribbon, handstitched on to conceal the polyester horsehair braid used to stiffen the hem. There's also a matching plaid hat band with a small flower made by ruffling a leftover piece of the plaid material.

This outfit uses the same underskirt seen above. There's a burgundy satin corset bodice, boned and lined with hook and eye tape used for closure down the front. The bustle is a one piece with the apron attached - the two pieces are sewn together on one side and fasten with hooks and eyes on the other. The bustle is made from a flat top piece, a ruffle of black lace and a ruffle of burgundy satin. Down each side of the bustle are 6 or 7 mother of pearl buttons - handsewn. The jacket is made out of floral corduroy and the lining was handstitched in. The hat is store bought but I decorated it myself with some ribbon, lace and a button. There is also a lace veil attached. Photo taken by my friend Lindsay.

Here we have a front view of the bodice and jacket described above. They are worn with a black pencil skirt with burgundy ribbon stitched down one side in a racing stripe. The hat is made from the same burgundy satin and trimmed with black satin ribbon, handsewn on of course. The utility belt was made using a waistband pattern (I think) - its two layers of cotton, stitched through to reinforce it and several pockets were made to fit certain items (a knife, a glass bottle, etc). The large pocket closes with a bit of elastic cord wrapped around the two buttons. The belt also has a bit of chain and some keys. Photo by the dear Miss Dashwood.

Alright, I think that's enough for now.

Au revoir!

Miss Leah J. Wilde

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