Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Update! Everything's Coming Along Nicely :)

I finished the green knit shrug. It's made from a remnant of my favorite knit, rayon spandex, that Joanns sells. I used a free shrug pattern from Tanit-Isis (one of my favorite bloggers, y'all should check her out), but altered it. Instead of a band all the way around and on the sleeves, I added a drape-y collar from a piece of left over material. The sleeves are unhemmed (for  now at least) but I did finish the back hem with a band. It's not super pretty looking but I think it looks well enough, especially to non-seamstress trained eyes).

The reversible retro swiss dot jacket is also DONE. Basic construction was done on the machine, then the two sides were machine basted together and I did the binding called for by the pattern in white, by hand.

I'm still working on the red and black bodice.

Close up of the red and black gingham I'm making the shorts and matching bodice out of.

The measuring tape skirt is DONE, except for the pockets. I feel like its a little too big, so I have have to rectify that at some point...Or just wear it as is. I'm planning to do buttonholes at a friend's tonight (my machine doesn't do them) and then hand stitch on the pockets and buttons. I have some red ones picked out!

Finished measuring tape circle skirt. I did all the hand stitching in red. Btw I used a vintage zipper!

And I decided that I needed my brown capris for this weekend, so I cut those out Monday night and put them together. The zipper's in, I need to finish the waistband and hem them. Before I hem, I'm going to give them another try on. It's the same pattern as the shorts, just a longer view, and somehow I'm not sold on the fit of these...

Speaking of this weekend, do you know how hard it is to plan four or five outfits that look nice, cover my tattoos (which if you are unaware cover a good portion of my body from shoulder to knee), and will be cool in mid to upper 80 degree weather?

So right now, I'm looking to:
  • Finish the brown capris for this weekend (obviously)
  • Get the pockets on the measuring tape skirt (even though its wearable without them)
  • Finish the red and black bodice
  • Finally make that 40s seersucker blouse
  • Start working on the lolita commission I have waiting for me at home 
  • And then cut out the blue linen dress and pink and white blouse
  • I'd love to make another pair of the shorts I did in red and black, but in denim

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