Thursday, June 13, 2013

Retro Inspired Summer Wardrobe Progress

I've been up to a lot of sewing lately.

I finished that Mad Moxxi commission (and she LOVED it). And I've taken on some Lolita style skirts and vests for another commission. Fabric's in my car, waiting to be prewashed this weekend.

As for my summer retro-inspired wardrobe:

  • The red and black gingham shorts are DONE, the matching top is maybe halfway there. The shorts ended up awesomely high waisted, totally need to make another pair, maybe in denim... The zipper, hooks and eyes and hem were done by hand.

  • The red pique pencil skirt is DONE, hem and zipper by hand. I used some lace on the hem as hem tape to make it a little prettier.

  • As is the black and pink plaid pencil skirt. Which I am very proud of, because it was my first foray into matched plaid.
  • The Star Trek wrap circle skirt is DONE, with a hand sewn hem.
  • I used my walkaway dress pattern to make a wrap blouse out of striped white on white sateen and trimmed it in the black Paris print. And that's DONE.
  • The top I made using a retro Butterick reprint dress pattern out of said Paris print is DONE, the collar is the white striped sateen and so is the binding on the hem (by hand). 
  • My 60s shift dress is DONE, my first use of a vintage pattern was successful! I took in the back darts a little, I think if I made another dress I'd mess with the front as well. Has some extra slack there.
The wrap blouse, red pique skirt and shift dress in progress.

  • And the dotted swiss dress is DONE as well, hand hemmed the skirt and the lining.
In progress:
  • A green knit shrug to wear this summer when I don't want my tattoos to show
  • A retro style cropped reversible jacket out of left over dotted swiss - one side white on white, the other blue, trimmed in the white on white dots.
  • The black and red gingham bodice.
  • The measuring tape circle skirt - It's put together, and I made a couple pockets (lined w red pique); needs the zipper, waistband and hem.

  • I have the 40s striped seersucker cut out, but haven't worked on it yet. And the brown capris, the blue linen dress and the pink and white blouse are still waiting til I'm done with what's already cut out. I think the pink and white might end up a Colette Sorbetto...


  1. And here I'm still working on one dress.

  2. Dixie, I cut a bunch of stuff out, and worked on it in bits and pieces, sometimes only finding 15 minutes before work. It also helps that my office is slow this time of year, and that my boss doesn't care if I hand sew at my desk.