Monday, February 18, 2013

Build Day - Airship Archon Events

Well, Build Day was more hanging out than working on projects. Which honestly bothers me a little bit. If you're going to a build day at least have something to work on. Of course, part of my issue is with myself because I could have ignored all the chatting and hanging out and worked on projects.

Anyways, I finished the baby quilt!! It is DONE!

And after I got home, I worked on cutting out the double layered interlining for my corset. So that's good too. I'm doing a double layer because all I have is blue denim and its a white corset. Don't want it to show through the white satin, so I'm doing a layer of muslin then the denim. Then lining. Wow, it's going to be a heavy duty corset isn't it?

The finished quilt!

Close up of the binding, which ended up narrower than planned but I think it looks good

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