Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Progress

I did get the pink and white steampunk underwear almost finished.
- The petticoat still needs its closure. I'm tempted to add some lace to though...and maybe some ruffles...
- The ruffled back piece is almost done. I need to cover the raw edges of the ruffles and add the 'waistband' and some way to attach it to the petticoat of course. A tie is tempting...easier than the buttons I was originally planning. And would probably redistribute the weight better as well...
- The corset is pretty much put together. I need assistance from a friend to round off the edges of the corset bones and then it'll be pretty much smooth sailing from there. Round the bones, baste the lining and outer fabric together, bind all the edges, add the lace and then comes the flossing! I've got several shades of floss picked out, I think I knew which one I'm going with.

Once all that's done, I think my next project needs to be some work clothes. Because I am consumed with ennui over my current wardrobe choices. I think I need a few new skirts. Time to raid the fabric and pattern stash! Oh and an Easter dress...honestly I might not bother with that. Easter's so early this year that I can't wear what I would like to anyways. Maybe I'll just make a swiss dot sundress for the summer.

Work clothes ideas: I have some turquoise and silver corduroy. And an awesome pair of comic printed pants I started years ago. I could finish those...New work clothes AND a UFO!

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