Friday, February 15, 2013

Weekend and Build Day Sewing

I've apparently been hiding, huh? My lack of sewing is due to a variety of things - work and other busy-ness, a trip home to see my parents, and the fact that it has been so cold most of the time here in Ohio that it's almost impossible to sew in my basement.

That said, I have a weekend off and a build day to attend with the Archon on Sunday, so hopefully I'll get quite a few things done this weekend.

Projects for the Build Day:

Baby quilt - This is actually partially quilted. I need to finish quilting it and do the binding. Since the shower is March 3, I definitely need to work on this.

Lobster tail bustle from American Duchess' tutorial - I missed my deadline on this. Might take it with me to the Build Day though

Pink and white underwear set - deadline March 25 (for the Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge). This has been coming along well. The petticoat needs hemmed and then needs the waistband done. And the ruffles. This will definitely go with me to the Build Day. I also need to work on the corset.

Easter dress - deadline March 31. I'd really like to do a dress for Easter. If I can decide on a pattern, I might take this with me to cut out.

Maybe the Embroidered quilt to pin together and maybe start sewing.

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