Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Happenings and Ohayocon Planning

This weekend I worked on the embroidered quilt - only three more blocks to go before assembly time! - and finished my Christmas nightgown! I may still add some lace to the nightgown, but I kind of like it as is. I also prewashed fabric for Pepper's leggings that I'm going to start for her. I bought fabric for the pajama pants that Harley wears in an issue of Gotham City Sirens (I think that's what comic its from...) And...started my Suicide Squad Harley Quinn.

Here's the plan for Harley Quinn:
  • Shorts using Simplicity 2317, with the left side black and the right side red. I may have to alter it a little, but not too much
  • Corset using McCalls 3636, with the front left side red and the right side black, colors reversed on the back of the corset. The corset is going to be drastically altered from the pattern, but I think it'll make a good starting point.
  • I'm working with left over spandex from my bodysuit, which will work perfectly for the shorts but the corset is going to be stabilized with some heavy sturdy fabric.
  • The corset is going to take some engineering and will likely contain interlining and lining along with boning and bra cups (once I figure out what kind of bra cups to use)
  • I'll also need to make a neck ruffle and gauntlets, one red, one black
  • I need to buy two pairs of socks, one red, one black
  • And figure out what I'm doing with my hair and my shoes...
I'm going to start by sewing together the corset out of the interlining and seeing where I need to alter it. I already know that the front is going to change, as is the back because the back dips lower than the front. Then I'll use the altered pieces as my pattern to cut out the spandex.

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