Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sorry for the lack of posts, my friends. I've been rather busy.

Let's see....My last to do list is not done. I basically ran out of time.

  1. I did sew ribbon onto my "I believe in pink" tunic. Unfort. I used seam binding and it did not survive being washed after I wore the tunic so that will have to be replaced with actual ribbon.
  2. I finished the waistband on my "Wilde Side" leggings but left them unhemmed
  3. "Eat drink and be scary" tunic is STILL not finished. I ran into a lot of problems and ended up basically throwing it to the side. It was that, or start crying.
In other news, the cream leggings wore worn to the Cleveland AAR show with a green mini dress. And the "I believe in pink" tunic with the "Wilde Side" leggings were a hit at the Indianapolis show. The boys loved my outfit. :)

After throwing aside the tunic, I pulled out my Christmas nightgown. Which went together pretty much without any issues. All that's left is to hem the ruffle and I'll have a super old fashioned nightgown to wear at Christmas time. Woo hoo!

Next up is another attempt at the "Eat drink and be scary" tunic, then I'm moving on to Ohayocon sewing - Suicide Squad Harley Quinn as well as a new collar for my comic Harley Quinn bodysuit. And maybe new cuffs as well, because mine are almost unwearable.

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