Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Progress on 2012 sewing goals - May update

Now for the sewing goals -- costuming.
  1. Finish my gypsy steampunk ensemble. DONE
  2. 1875 Square Overskirt (Truly Victorian) in black and silver plaid. DONE.
  3. Pink and black steampunk ensemble. Progress: Overskirt's done. Bodice is about halfway there.
  4. An underbust corset out of left over key print flannel to wear with my Keeper of the Keys skirt and a blouse for steam casual events - Started. If I remember correctly, it's cut out but not assembled
No deadlines:
  1. 1884 Wash Overskirt.
  2. Sari inspired head to toe Victorian ensemble.
  3. Female Joker. Probably going to be a high waisted skirt with a jacket. I think a suit is the best course of action.
  4. Natural form Victorian costume.
  5. An 18th century costume.
  6. A French Huguenot costume
Other sewing goals:
  1. Baby quilt for my new nephew. Deadline: sometime between September and Christmas. The current idea is to make a quilt for Minnow to grow into, so there's no rush to have it done by the due date.
  2. New retro sundresses.
  3. A playsuit with removable skirt - Almost done. Although it currently does not have a matching skirt.
  4. Flannel quilt
  5. I have some Spiderman flannel that wants to be pajama pants. - DONE
  6. Nativity printed cotton dress or skirt
  7. A circle skirt out of Halloween pin up fabric.
  8. A high waisted skirt from my retro jumper pattern. - probably will be combined with the Joker costume mentioned above.

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