Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Long time, no post...

Geesh, its been a while hasn't it? Well if you remember, I did have a little bit of a crazy time - April 25th was Pittsburgh for a concert, April 27-29 was the Symposium, May 3-7 was Florida and then May 11-14 I was in Louisville and Cincinnati for concerts. By the way, concert adventures can be found here. Just in case you're curious... With all that over, I've been a bit lazy I admit. Well, not really, my first day off afterwards was spent on chores that needed done. Sewing just hasn't entered the picture in a while. That said, I'm hoping to get some done this weekend.

What's on my project list:
1. Finishing the Paris steampunk (last because I don't really need it for anything...)
2. Finishing the playsuit (this will likely happen first as the thread's still on my machine)
3. Commission for a friend (probably the second project I tackle)

So playsuit (taking in, hemming, zipper), then the commission then finishing the Paris steampunk. The Paris steampunk might move up, but I don't know right now.

Other upcoming projects - Quilt for my nephew who is currently in utero.

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