Friday, March 28, 2014

What's In Miss Wilde's Sewing Basket?

Also known as: What sewing projects are on my living floor / couch / ironing board right now?

1. I started a 50s style dress for Easter.
I'm making the green one, option C, with a white collar, probably out of batiste.

2. I've been working on my black and gold corset and vest combination for my airship 'uniform'

3. And I decided that I needed my Edwardian corset and drawers for SES as well
I'm using the corset from Festive Attyre. I had issues enlarging it on a copy machine (it lost all detail) so I bought a yard of quilter's grid and enlarged it myself. I felt quite accomplished!

In other news, I just ordered a whole bunch of sewing supplies! I am now the proud owner of nine yards of cotton plaid for a Civil War dress, one yard of cotton (maybe - gonna do a burn test) for a Civil War corset it if is indeed cotton or a work skirt if it's not, a boxful of corset and hoop making supplies, and a boxful of Truly Victorian patterns! I got the polonaise, the 1870s and the 1880s underskirts, the Victorian petticoats, the Civil War darted bodice and the ballgown bodice, and a hoop cage pattern. I think that's everything...

 And I attended the Regency Exhibition Ball last weekend, with a friend from the Archon. I'll post more about it next week. :)

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