Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Completed Projects as of May 22, 2013

  • Finished Suicide Squad Harley Quinn for Ohayocon
  • Embroidery portion of my embroidered quilt
  • Keeper of the Keys corset
  • Baby quilt for my cousin's little girl
  • Quickie zebra print, elastic waist skirt
  • Chemise, petticoat and additional ruffled panel for the petticoat of my pink and white steampunk underwear ensemble.Before SES I also made a little shrug from some stash white fishnet to wear with this.
  • Green and gold corset and bustle finished before the Steampunk Empire Symposium. This was mostly stash - green sateen and green fringe from my stash, gold lace was bought mainly cuz it was pretty and a good deal and just enough for a little bustle, purchased gold biased trim, boning, and eyelets.
  • Green cotton lobster tail bustle. (finished in early April)
  • Comic print pants (finished in early April) - Stash / UFO
  • Striped corduroy skirt (finished in early April) - Stash
  • Teal pintucked taffeta underskirt (finished May 18) - Okay this technically needs a waistband closure, but its wearable, just needs a safety pin to hold it closed that's all. And this was purchased fabric and thread, stash ribbon for the waistband.

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