Friday, April 3, 2015

Miss Wilde's Crazy Project

Once the funeral was over, my sewing mojo came back with a vengeance.  I spent the entire drive back to Columbus from Cincinnati contemplating what I wanted to sew for the International Steampunk Symposium.  Late night drive, because I stayed at home to watch Monday Night Raw with my daddy (yes, I'm a huge wrestling fan, deal with it).

At first, I thought I'd finish a project I started last year in lime green sari brocade and navy chiffon, but that project requires a serger, and I didn't want to deal with having to arrange a visit to a friend's house to use a serger.

So then I remembered some brown silk and cream and brown linen in my stash. And thought about a project I've had in the back of my mind for a while, a nice tailored jacket using Truly Victorian's Riding Habit Jacket pattern along with an 1880s underskirt.  Of course, that also means finally making an actual corset to be worn as an undergarment (which had been started, barely) and a new petticoat (also started, aka cut out).

Corset. Petticoat. Jacket. Skirt.

In three weeks.

Told you it was a crazy project.

So far I have:
  1. Torn apart, recut, rebasted, fitted and basically repeated all those actions for the corset.
  2. It is now what I think is the right size, and interlined, and basted together. 
  3. NEXT STEP: actually sewing it together and checking to see if I have boning and a busk *crosses fingers*
  4. Read over the petticoat instructions
  5. Bleached and washed some white twill I had in my stash that was formerly a pool table cover at my parents' house and thus rather gross
  6. Found some green polished cotton in my stash I'm thinking of using for the jacket lining and maybe trim
I have three weeks from today.  Wish me luck!

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