Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2015 Sewing Plans - Post the Second

Dear friends, do you ever just not FEEL it? For example, this year's to do list is full of awesome stashbusting, historical sewing! And I feel like doing pretty much NONE of it.

So what's a seamstress to do?

Rewrite the to do list!

I'm pretty sure that what I actually end up sewing will be a mixture of the two, but c'est la vie! So in no particular order:

  1. I do still want to do Civil War, so first up are the undergarments! Corset, hoops, chemise, drawers, and petticoat.
  2. Then I'll tackle the clothes.  Probably the cream plaid dress to start, then maybe a ballgown. Or maybe a Garibaldi blouse and skirt.
  3. Blue leggings that have been started.
  4. A winter dress with sleeves would be nice.
  5. A dress for my little cousin Briella. This should be fun!
  6. I should probably make myself an Easter dress. Maybe from the blue plaid I have in my stash. I was going to do something historical with it but...
  7. 1930s vest to  match my 1930s Star Wars skirt. Probably a nice black cotton, with the Star Wars print as the collar and belt. Yellow lining, and yellow buttons. Or the reverse, yellow vest, black lining and buttons...
  8. I have a yard of a fancy gold fabric, I'm thinking a pencil skirt for SES. It doesn't quite match my airship uniform, but if I wore my black bustle apron...
  9. I really want a new denim skirt.
  10. I have leftover Harley Quinn fabric from another project (posting about that next!) so I'd like a skirt out of that as well. Maybe do another 1930s skirt and vest combo.
  11. I need to work on my quilting. I have two current projects and I'd also like to do some Civil War era blocks. I also have a quilt commission I should work on...
  12. Retro style swimsuit
  13. Winter coat
  14. 1940s blouse and trousers.
  15. New drindl blouse, I'll need that before Oktoberfest.
So a couple major projects, but a lot easier than the previous list. :D

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