Friday, October 17, 2014

End of 2014 To Do List

My to do list is probably too long, as always, with less than three months left in the year, but here we go:

First of all, where I am on Teslacon preparations:

1. Rococopunk: the stays have been done, the hoops are done, the jacket needs a lot of work, the stomacher needs finished, the knee breeches are almost done. I need to figure out / make a hat and probably (hopefully) make spats.

2. The Harley Quinn improvements are DONE

3. The fichu may or may not happen

4. I don't know if I'll bother fixing my time machine purse either

5. I still need to make a garrison hat for my main airship uniform, but at least I found a pattern

6. The braid onto my polonaise is DONE

7. So is the black bustle apron. 

Dream projects won't happen, except for maybe black drawers, just quick and easy ones based off of a pajama pant pattern with elastic. I'm really pretty much focusing on the rococopunk and the garrison hat, nothing else is really that important at this point.

Now for the actual to do list:

1. Finish the elephant baby quilt
2. Finish the Teslacon stuff
3. Finish a pair of purple leggings I started last winter
4. Grey and black plaid jumper
5. Star Wars print 1930s style skirt
6. Knit tunic using my funky dress pattern from McCalls
7. Black corduroy 1950s dress with snowflake overskirt, probably with a slightly narrower or shorter skirt because I don't think I have enough fabric
8. Black specialty mesh petticoat for said dress
9. Fix my mom's Christmas scrub top and make her a new one
10. 1940s hooded blouse and trousers from Eva Dress
11. Nightgown for grandma (if I have enough of the fabric that she wants me to use)
12. and start a cosplay for Ohayocon

Told you there was too much on it!! Most of it shouldn't be too hard though. I hope.

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