Friday, October 17, 2014

2015 Sewing Plans

In the process of making a to do to finish out 2014, I of course started thinking about what I'd like to make next year. First of all, I've decided to try to stage a de-stashing, so the first step will really be cataloging and probably reorganizing my fabric and patterns. That may take a while.

But here's what's on my list for next year:
  1. Finish the cosplay for Ohayocon. This is NOT a stash project, I'll probably have to buy pretty much everything.
  2. A dress to wear to see the Great Gatsby at BalletMet in February. I was planning to use a twenties-esque pattern from my stash, but it doesn't have sleeves so....I'm not sure yet. Another NOT stash project.
  3. A dress to wear to see Cinderella at BalletMet in March. I'm not sure but I'm thinking of maybe using the same pattern I used for my Easter dress, but with sleeves and with an overskirt. NOT a stash project
  4. A quilt commission for a friend that has been sitting in my sewing room for a really long time
  5. The green and blue sari bustle gown that I started for Teslacon. I'll need it done by Steampunk Symposium at the end of April. Most of it is cut out already, but I will need to purchase a few things.
  6. Over the winter, I'll be working on hand quilting my embroidered quilt again
  7. Brown and cream bustle gown. I have brown silk for the skirt and a cream and brown linen for the bodice both in my stash. I'll probably have to purchase notions and such, along with some bodice lining. Stash.
  8. I have eight yards of plaid taffeta. I'm thinking either a plaid bustle gown, or a mid century ball gown. Stash.
  9. Speaking of mid century, I need to make my Civil War era undergarments. Will likely need to purchase some muslin for these, my stash is running out.
  10. And the cream plaid day dress from fabric I purchased either this year. Stash
  11. I have around nine or ten yards of a pink on pink stripe. I should make *something*. Stash
  12. I also have several yards of a green and white stripe and a white on white stripe. I was thinking a bustle afternoon gown, but maybe something Edwardian. Stash.
  13. I'd like to at least start my charm quilt, although I realize that's a LONG term project
  14. I'd also like to start doing some piecing for a Civil War quilt using the book I bought while on vacation
  15. Garibaldi blouse and skirt. Probably not a stash project.
  16. I really want to make a Maleficent cosplay of some sort. NOT a stash project
  17. A winter coat. NOT a stash project
  18. New blouse to wear with my drindl. Also NOT a stash project.

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