Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wow....I'm WAY behind

My dearest readers,

I do apologize for the immense amount of time that has passed since we last spoke. I've been so consumed with projects that I have not had a minute to spare.

Since giving details on anything at this point would be rather cumbersome, I'll just share a quick summary with you --

(1) I finished my Butterick 'walk away dress'. I think it turned out rather splendid, but the fit is a bit odd. The underskirt rides up terribly. If I ever use the pattern again, I plan to widen the underskirt section so it wraps around my hips all the way instead of leaving a gap in the back. I may even alter my current incarnation if I have the time and the fabric.

(2) I also finished costumes for Dragon*Con for Misses Dashwood and Van Eycke. There were a few fitting issues that resulted in making an entirely new skirt for Miss Dashwood, and the blouses will probably be redone at some point -- A note my dear readers: brocade does not gather well when making an off the shoulder blouse -- but overall the costumes (skirt, blouse and vest) turned out well. And I learned something new during the process - how to use a grommet setter.

(3) I also put together a quick costume for Miss Dashwood who will be portraying the goddess Durga during the convention. We purchased two yards of a beautiful sari-esque fabric. I simply cut it done the fold line, leaving two pieces of fabric roughly two yards long and 30 inches wide. I sewed an elastic casing along the raw edge of one piece, threaded elastic through the casing, fitted it to the adorable Miss Dashwood, and then sewed the side seam. I left the skirt unhemmed because the selvage had a nice little bit of fringe that went well with the border print. The second piece of fabric was just hemmed on all three raw edges to be used as a drape.

(4) I hemmed two pairs of pants for a friend and mended something for my beau.

Last night I tidied up my sewing area - stashed away bits and pieces, threw out some trash, etc. and started a new project of my own.

(5) Personal current project: A New Hope Princess Leia. I'm pretty much following what the tutorial posted by a fabulous costumer named Pam - http://chucrew.com/Leia/Leia.html She goes through everything from making the pattern to the hair style. Luckily, she's about the same size as me, so I was able to use her measurements to make my own pattern. So far the dress is turning out well. Last night I made the pattern, cut out one dress (you basically make two dresses and then use one to line the other), and stitched both side seams, leaving a slit at the bottom. Unfortunately, I ran short on fabric so I'm going to have to pick up some more today. Since I ran short on fabric, I went ahead and made the hood pattern and cut that out. I also pinned the two sides that need hemmed. Its in my sewing bag right this moment because the hems need to be hand stitched.

(6) Progress on Pretty Peggy Pepper - I acquired a red shirt that I'm going to attempt to modify to use as the top. And I purchased a blue fabric remnant for the skirt. I think I'm going to forgo using a pattern and just make a quick skirt like the one I made for Miss Dashwood (see above).

(7) Imperial Officer's Uniform - I found a pattern that I think is pretty much perfect to make an imperial officer's uniform from Star Wars: http://www.patronsdecouture.com/burda-7458.htm It has not been purchased yet, but likely will be.

(8) I've also been thinking about several other costumes that I would like to do in the next year or so: Steampunk Confederates for my beau and I for Marcon 2011; a steampunk (maybe dieselpunk) Army uniform using my grandfather's uniform jacket (no I will not be altering the jacket itself so don't worry); a sexy Leia using left over fabric from the ANH dress

(9) And I've been thinking about Christmas presents. So far I'm making my parents aprons (fabric has already been purchased) and my brother and sister in law pajama pants. His will be black, hers purple plaid as long as I can find some.

(10) Things I need to finish - Alter a dress for Miss Dashwood. My steampunk stewardess costume by Mid Ohio Con (November) - it needs some accessories and I need to decide if I want to wear the pettidress I made to go underneath or if I want to wear leggings and a cami for a sexier look. My Harley Quinn costume for Mid Ohio Con - I still need a hat.

(11) I need to start a vest my cousin asked me to make for her son. This will probably be my next project after the Leia dress. It would be nice if I could finish it by the weekend so I can take it to her when I go home for a visit.

(12) And I have a commission for one of my beau's friends coming up that he wants for Halloween. I should probably talk to him about that.

Well, dear readers, I hope this update of past, current and near future projects made up for the month of no communication.

A bientot!

Miss Leah J Wilde

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