Tuesday, June 8, 2010


My dearest readers,

Marcon was a complete success. All of my costumes were finished on time and they were all a hit. The time traveler made a splash at the fashion show and the mystery costume - Queen Gorgo from 300 - was also greatly lauded at a party Saturday night. And Miss Dashwood looked simply fabulous in the bustle and bloomers that I made her.

The Time Traveler and the Conductrix, Saturday night, Steampunk Fashion Show (photo courtesy of Miss Dashwood)

Unfortunately, I haven't seen any photos of my Gorgo costume. Even more unfortunate, my beau was unable to wear his kilt because he lacked the proper belt for it. However I will state that he did look rather dashing in his Utilikilt.

Now for my future sewing plans -
1. Dresses for Miss Dashwood and Miss van Eycke
2. Some hemming for a couple law school friends
3. I may be doing some sewing for the Captain.
4. And my summer project - Mara Jade from Star Wars. I'm hoping to finish it by fall so I can apply for the 501st Legion. *fingers crossed*

Have a lovely day everyone!

Miss Leah J. Wilde


  1. I freaking LOVED this dress.

  2. glad everyone enjoyed the fashion show,I look forward to your new creations for new year. getting ready for next years dance(s)at Marcon46. Sew on!

    The Major