Thursday, August 14, 2014

What Has Miss Wilde Been Up To? 1

As you know, dear readers, I decided (practically at the last minute, of course) that I needed new attire before my vacation. Officially, my mother and I depart on 8/31, but I will be journeying to Cincinnati on the 29th, so vacation begins rather soon... Besides the aforementioned Audrey skirt, train skirt, dress and petticoats, I also decided to use left over swimsuit fabric for a circle skirt. Mainly because I love striped circle skirts. And because it was in two of my favorite colors to wear together.

First up, the fabric...

Second, the finished Audrey skirt with an old petticoat. I plan to wear it with a tank and a belt so it covers the white waistband.

Third, the train skirt. Shown with old petticoat.
 So that's all done. And I decided I needed a new dress pattern because I didn't have anything unstructured and drapey enough to use with the silky fabric I randomly bought a while back just because it was a cool pattern. So I went to the fabric store...

I couldn't resist the 1930s suit patterns (one's the skirt, the other is the jacket) and the bottom pattern is the one I'm using for my new dress.
 I managed to cut the dress out using a lot less fabric than it called for because (1) I'm not doing a self binding around the neck or using the fabric for the tie. I'll purchase binding and use some ribbon for the ties. And (2) I changed it so it has a center back seam instead of being cut on the fold. Otherwise I had no where near enough fabric for it.

Also purchased at the fabric store: (1) a couple yards of a Star Wars print to make a skirt or maybe a dress, I'm not sure yet. I know I don't have enough for a circle skirt, at least not at a good length but I have too much for a little gathered skirt so...We'll see. My dear brother assisted me over the phone to pick out which Star Wars print to purchase. Because he's just that awesome.  (2) Fabric to finish a project for a friend.  (3) Like eight yards of netting and some muslin remnants to make petticoats. I got four yards of white and four yards of yellow (because the yellow could go with a couple things in my wardrobe and white is basic). So we'll see how that goes. (4) Oh, and a zipper for my rococo punk project.

So for vacation sewing: the Audrey skirt is DONE. The train skirt is DONE. The dress is cut out but I haven't started putting it together. The wrap circle skirt is put together and pinned for the hem. So all it needs is the waistband and hemmed and it'll be done. And I have fabric for the pettis but haven't started them yet.

I haven't made much progress on my Teslacon sewing. The swimsuit just needs the buttons sewn on, the buttonholes sliced open, and the hat finished though, so it's almost there. It's CUTE. I'm excited about wearing it. I haven't touched either of my other projects though.

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