Friday, August 23, 2013

To Do List - Deadline Mid October

Since convention season is starting, and the weather will be turning cold soon, here's my current to do list:

White eyelet lined and trimmed in lilac cotton 60s shift - I screwed up the hem, just need to redo it and this is done.

By September 8th, I want to have the embroidered quilt ready for pinning and maybe another quilt ready as well. The second quilt is a 10 year old UFO that I'm trying to get finished. I'm really tempted just to back it with flannel and tie quilt it so its a pretty lightweight quilt.

Lolita commission. Deadline is mid October for Teslacon.

Jacket commission I started months ago for a friend. Deadline is mid October for Pandoracon

Finish my green and gold outfit - Natural Form, steampunk style. I need to make a natural form-esque petticoat and underskirt, both with ruffles, and also a long green overskirt trimmed in fringe. Deadline - Pandoracon

Purple corduroy skirt - I'd like to get this finished sooner rather than later so I have it ready before the cold hit. If only I could decide what pattern to use...

Striped pencil skirt. Again, I want this done before the cold hits. I'm kinda excited about this, I plan to play with the stripes a little bit on a basic pencil skirt pattern.

I have some turquoise corduroy, I'm thinking either a skirt or a jumper if I have enough fabric. Before the cold comes.

If possible, a new mask for Diamonds are Forever.

Everything else is getting pushed back til after Pandoracon.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Summer Vacation Wardrobe - What I Actually Wore

Day one - Standard traveling ensemble of jeans and a tshirt

Day two - Red top tucked into my measuring tape circle skirt so all the cute details of the skirt showed

Day three - Blue embroidered linen dress aka the cotton candy dress

Common Burial Ground in Newport, RI

Day four - Red and black ensemble

Pilgrim Hall in Plymouth, MA

Day five - Black v neck tshirt tucked into my Star Trek skirt

Hotel outside Concord, NH

Day six - Pink 60s shift dress

Day seven - Jeans and a tshirt again for the drive home

Of course, I took several things that I didn't wear, including my high waisted denim shorts and my brown capris.

For more pictures from my awesome vacation (mostly of Sigmund), check out my instagram!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Updated - To Sew Before the End of the Year

So far...

1. Finish my retro-inspired summer vacation wardrobe (black skirt trimmed in red and black plaid, pink shorts, denim shorts, blue linen dress, seersucker blouse) - DONE! Well, mostly. The seersucker blouse is still in pieces. It may be destined to be a UFO actually...

2. Finish the embroidered quilt top and get it pinned before cold weather comes. Then spend the winter hand quilting it. - Working on it!

3. Start my 18th century outfit, if I could have the undergarments finished before the end of the year I'd be happy. Heck if I could get them started, I'd be happy.

4. Finish my green and gold outfit. I want to make a longer overskirt in green trimmed in gold and a gold underskirt. By Pandoracon if possible. If not, then Ohayocon. Maybe use the wash overskirt pattern? - Current thought is to do this in a natural form-esque style. I have a fantail-ish skirt pattern (it's just a formal skirt pattern, but I think it'll do for steampunk natural form) and I think I can just wing a long, slim overskirt.

5. I have this idea for a new steampunk outfit, either in some train fabric I was gifted recently, or some clearance travel-esque fabric I bought a while back in oranges and yellows. - My friends all vote trains. And I do love trains. But I keep picturing this in the oranges and yellows...Maybe because I need some new colors in my wardrobe.

6. Finish a quilt top I started FOREVER ago.

7. And for lucky number seven, make a wash overskirt in my grey satin trimmed to heck with black and silver and red.

8. Oh, and make a skirt from the two yards of wide wale purple corduroy I just bought. Can you say winter work wardrobe?

9. And I'd really love to make a coat. I have a pattern in my stash that's only like 10 years old or so... It's Vogue 7634.

10. A head to toe sari steampunk using my asymetrical skirt overskirt pattern and a yet to be determined bodice. I  *may* have cut this out the other day when I was working on a different project...

11. And I just started another 60s shift -- white eyelet lined in lilac cotton. One last hurrah for summer sewing!