Thursday, July 5, 2012

To Do List Progress

  1. Finish the commission. - My wrist is feeling better so I started the basting. It still looks off, esp in the arms so I'm going to have to devote some time to it this weekend.
  2. Sew snaps on the Paris bodice. - DONE
  3. Cut out the lining and work on my green and white sundress. - Dress is DONE! And I have the materials for the petticoat, just haven't started them yet.
  4. Black gauze shorts - DONE
  5. Dye femme Joker suit fabric - DONE
  6. Work on the bunting for my nephew. - This is cut out and I started putting it together yesterday.
  7. Halloween circle skirt - This one is going to be odd. I couldn't use the pattern exactly so I have the yoke cut out and sewn together and I cut three lengths of fabric for the skirt. They've been sewn together and gather stitched so next up is gathering them to fit the yoke.
  8. And I randomly made a backless halter from left over Paris fabric.
What I'd like to get done over the next few weeks:
- The bunting
- The commission
- The petticoat for the green and white dress
- The Halloween skirt
- And at least start on the femme Joker

By the way, I now have a due date for femme Joker - I've decided to go to Mid Ohio Comic Con in September because one of my favorite celebrities is going to be there. CM Punk from WWE. Yes, I am a wrestling fan. And proud of it. lol

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